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Nationally known landscape painter and sculptor Vic Riesau’s work can be seen in prestigious galleries and collections throughout the U.S. What his students often ask is how does one progress in a career in art? How do artists wade their way through the quagmire of fundamental challenges such as utilizing observation, experience, networking, connections, mind-set, media issues, and artistic perspective in an ever-shifting art world? In Challenges and Discoveries: Inspiration and Advice from the Journals of an Artist (Xulon Press), Riesau covers these topics and more as he relates the trials, tribulations, joys and epiphanies in his path as a creative artist.

Culled from journal notes he gathered while preparing classes for his long-standing students, “This is not a book about HOW to paint, but suggestions and observations on what I have found are essential tools and perspectives important in sustaining a life as a fine arts painter,” the author notes.

Enthusiastically debuted at the first Plein Air Conference in Las Vegas in April of 2012, Challenges and Discoveries found wide acceptance among artists, collectors and industry movers-and-shakers alike. A great addition to the reference library of any artist in your circle of creative family and friends, the book also provides insight for anyone seeking an understanding of the life of an artist.

You can find it online at Amazon| and Barnes & Noble or order directly from the author at www.vicriesau.com for a signed copy for only $15 (+ $3.99 domestic shipping & handling*).

*inquire about overseas shipping

What the pros are saying

“Finally! A book that deals with all the things, other than painting technique, that working artists need to deal with in their careers. This book will save you twenty years of learning lessons every artist needs to conduct a smooth and successful career. This book is a must for every working artist.”

B. Eric Rhoads, Publisher
Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air and Art Advocate Magazines

“As artists we have chosen a truly unique life path. Contemplating why we do what we do in the context of our tradition is a vital part of our creative process. Vic offers advice and an insight to this life of an artist with great wisdom and compassion that is sure to inspire.”

Richard Schmid, artist, author and educator

“Vic Riesau is a fascinating and unique artist. He differentiates himself by his boundless energy. In his thirty-year career he has learned the ins and outs of the art business. This book presents insights into the challenges confronting every artist in their career.”

Peter Adams, artist and President, California Art Club

“From an art dealer’s perspective, an artist’s career is dependent on a host of factors that go beyond just the creative side of things. With his new book, Vic provides sage advice that will lead an artist to understand the many parameters required to have artistic and financial success.”

Maryvonne Leshe, Managing Partner
Trailside Galleries, Scottsdale AZ & Jackson WY

Vic Riesau is a Signature Member as both a painter and sculptor of the California Art Club and serves on its Board of Directors.


Above: “Summer” by Vic Riesau

Selected works of Vic’s paintings and sculpture can be found at www.vicriesau.com

The author/artist is available for lectures, demonstrations and book signings. For media information, interviews, full bio or jpegs contact Brad Riesau / Rolling Thunder PR / 909-744-0704 / [email protected]